Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nancy Pelosi's Lap Dog Works at the Washington Post

Our Patriarch of the Airwaves turns us on to this cringe-inducing article by Harold Meyerson in the WaPo today. As you read it, try not to think of some little, in-bred lap dog wriggling in pleasure at the site of his mistress. Maybe more than just wriggling. Maybe wetting himself for sheer joy.

Here's some excerpts. Please take your Pepto Bismol before reading.
In short, it's one of those weeks when Nancy Pelosi has no doubts about the wisdom of her decision to become speaker of the House.

"What's it like?" she asked herself, beaming, at the conclusion of a breakfast meeting with roughly 20 liberal journalists yesterday morning.

"It's fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!"
Harold is quoting the Spealer asking herself her own question in front of an already fawning audience. One can see the "journalists" quivering and yipping and yapping in paroxysms of ecstasy.

Of course, the situation hasn't always been this rosy.
Republicans have succeeded in tanking Congress's approval ratings
The majority party as a victim of the minority party? Of course. Why didn't I see that before? Poor Nancy! It just makes you want to tear up some slippers in rage when you see what those Rethuglies have done! Little Poopsie-Bear Harold finishes up with this whipped cream.

"It's about our children's ability to breathe clean air. Nothing less than the planet is at stake."...Thus, the most elegant of happy warriors, in a week when it's fun to be speaker.
I would be sick to my stomach to write this, even for a politician I deeply respected. This is so over the top that it's not even something a party hack could dream up, at least not one outside some Cuban or Venezuelan propaganda bureau. What's the WaPo doing publshing this airhead's prose? I thought they had some standards. This is too creepy to read.

I wonder if Harold sneaks into Nancy's house when she's gone to put on her clothes.

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