Monday, August 27, 2007

Carnival of the Cats #179 - Aerobic Workout Edition

Welcome to this week's version of the longest running carnival in the blogosphere! This week we've had some technical difficulties. It looks like Laurence's server crash last week trashed the submissions. Either that or I'm a complete dope. I've posted the links left in the comments of my previous request and now I'll watch the comments here like a cat on a mouse hole. If you're entry is not up here, leave the link in the comments and I'll post it post haste.

Note: Updates will now be posted at the bottom so if you're coming back to see what's new, just scroll on down. I want to make sure that everyone's catblogging gets seen.

Before we get started, please stop by The Cat Realm and leave your condolences for Anastasia. Also, be sure to stop by Mog's place and read this. There might be something you can do for a fellow catblogger.

Without further ado, here's the aerobic workout version of the Carnival of the Cats. Get out your workout music and shake your body along with our Maximum Leader!

Concentrate on your goal! You want to work off the morning kibble and get ready for the evening tuna!

Over at Strange Ranger, there's some Maine Coons working out big time. Go, cat, go!

Why do you workout? Why, to show off your abs, of course!

This is called the side roll. Do 10 reps in 23 minutes. Now go!

Golfing is good exercise. But not for cats. Samantha is working out the right way.

Riot and Rimbaud will give you a mental workout if nothing else.

This is the bunny hop. You don't actually hop or do anything so dangerous. You just kind of lay there like a bunny. Do this 10 times.

Over at the House of (Mostly) Black Cats, someone is trying to give Mini away. Can you imagine that? And here Mini is really going at her exercise routine and everything.

You can't climb without claws and climbing is the most strenuous of sports. House of Chaos has more.

It's time for stretches!

Meowza is doing her workout outdoors. You go, girl! Meanwhile, Izzy is tired out from her exercises.

At Feline Friday you can see some aerobic walking.

Work that body, baby! Show me what you've got!

Videos, things to click, lights and sound, is this a workout or the dance floor? Go see what's going on over at Watermark.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat have a post you just have to go see. They've combined catblogging with some cool web technology into something really beautiful.

Stretch your neck!

Bazel is moving and grooving. "Running, jumping up and skidding across the table..."

Now flip around and 10 side rolls on the other side!

Being a guard cat requires some serious muscle and Hakuna has it in spades.

Finish it all up with some aerobic napping. Snore-2-3-4 snore-2-3-4 and snore 2-3-4...

Well, this was exciting and exhausting! After a Carnival like this, we need a nap!

Update: Darcy X has suggested that the Carnival glitch was caused by black squirrels and offers this post for the week. Black squirrels. Is there no evil deed they will not stoop to commit?

Sisu weighs in (much lighter and firmer after following our Maximum Leader's rigorous regimen, no doubt!) with a heat advisory and milk and honey. Hey, both of those sound like reasons to skip the workout!

Catsynth has some incredible photographic artwork that will have us all working out so that we're just as camera ready.


Anonymous said...

My post must have gotten eaten by the technical difficulties:

Hot(M)BC said...

Yay! The Carnival is up! Woo hoo!!! See? Nothin can stop da cats!
I's put a notice up in the Monday noos at the Cat Blogosphere about it so the cats there knows.
Sanjee and the gang

Victor Tabbycat said...

Our post is bout our new Snuggles blankets. They camed wif catnip an efun Bonnie became playful!

Are we disqualified fur usin a natural stimulant to improve our workout purrformance? It's not like we's on steroids!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Pee Ess: Mom's sayin ooooo and awwwww fur yur tuxie tummy pictors. Should I be jealous?

K T Cat said...

We're done up to this point. Keep posting links and I'll keep adding them.

Elisson said...

Worth the wait! Thanks for a superb Carnival.

Samantha & Mom said...

Great job on the COTC KT! It was da bomb and we loved it! Your exercise routine was the greatest and just our kind of workout, especially the last one!
Your FL furiends,

Darcy X said...

Oh, no! You mean that you didn't get the Stray Cat Rules? It's here! Must be those darn Black Squirrels!

K T Cat said...

Got it. Thanks, Darcy.

Sissy Willis said...

Lets roll! (over):

Heat advisory in effect

A land flowing with milk and honey

K T Cat said...

We got everything up to here. Keep leaving links, I can handle it!

catsynth said...

Hi there, thanks for putting the carnival together despite the technical difficulties.

Unfortunately, I was away this weekend, so couldn't follow up via comments. But here's our "weekend cat event" post anyway...

K T Cat said...

Got it.