Saturday, August 18, 2007

An Open Letter to Ligneus

Sadly, blogger Ligneus has decided to hang it up. There's too much to do and not enough time for him to blog. I've read his blog from time to time and enjoyed it, but have never been able to leave a comment because the darn thing seems broken. I wasn't able to register, either. Argh! Also, I'm probably just being a dim bulb, but I was never able to find his email address on his site. Ligneus, if you stop by and read this, drop me a line by email so we can chat and I can say thanks.

Also, did you pick up your name from this? :-)

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ligneus said...

Thankyou for your kind words, I'll try to not be too long winded in replying. I have to make a trip 'home' to UK in Oct, after that maybe things will settle down a bit. Spiced was originally Zee's blog, I was a guest writer, she had way worse problems than me and sort of quit writing last Jan leaving me holding the fort. With the comments not working and me not being able to fix it [also couldn't post photos] it started to seem like I was just talking to myself, which I guess I was! If I start up again it will be with my own blog using Blogger so I can fix things.

My e-mail is

No, my name didn't come from whatever insect that is. It comes from waaay back in 1950 when I started Latin in school. Our teacher, a rather nice young blonde named Miss Jones, gave us all Latin names to be used in class, my surname then was Greenwood, so ligneus the word for wood was mine and I thought it would be neat to resurrect it and send it out on the internet, quite a contrast to its beginning.

Cheers, Tony. aka ligneus.