Wednesday, February 14, 2007

World of Good, Homefront San Diego Style

It's Wednesday! That means it's time for another World of Good (WOG)!

Under peacetime conditions, military families often have many additional burdens to bear. The pay is modest, you move frequently and the person serving is often gone for long periods of time. In the Navy, 6 month deployments are common. While the paycheck from the missing spouse is present, the time, energy and support of that person are not. In wartime it's much worse. In addition to long periods apart, there is the constant worry that something terrible will happen.

Families of enlisted men and women often find their resources stretched to the breaking point. They earn very little so losing a pair of helping hands around the house has a much greater impact. Homefront San Diego seeks to help those who have found their circumstances temporarily overwhelming.

From a letter of appreciation: I just want to take the time to say how much I appreciate everything you did for me and my family this past month. My father passed away very suddenly and I was unsure of what to do. My husband being an E3 and having 2 kids we did not know what to do. You guys were amazing. My husband and I were turned away from another organization because we did not make enough money to offer repayment. I can only say that I will never forget what you did when we needed it most.
Homefront San Diego is an all-volunteer organization that was created to help out military families who were in extremis. They work with the Navy League of San Diego and have found significant support from a local talk show host, Roger Hedgecock. While Roger is a staunch conservative, the support that he and Homefront San Diego give is non-denominational and unconcerned with politics. They do it because it's the right thing to do.

From another letter of appreciation: I would just like to take time out to thank everyone that was involved in helping myself and husband GM1 in obtaining our airline tickets to attend our Grandmother's services. It is time like these that helping hands are always greatly appreciated and well recognized. May God Bless and Keep all that played such a profound part in this.
Here's an example of what they do, taken from the front page of their website.

The SDPD has about 80 car seats to give to active duty military families. The seats are free. The SDPD will teach new parents how to install the seats (officers will actually install the seats for you) and show you how operate them (yes, child safety seats need to be used correctly).

When I stopped by their website, their front page had these way cool photos.

It turns out that a local Canstruction event is donating 10,000 pounds of food to Homefront San Diego after their local, errr, art show.

Canstruction?!? I think that's a topic for a future World of Good.

Homefront San Diego is a group of people giving their time and energy to help out military families in need here in San Diego. You can read more about Homefront San Diego at their website. Donations in all forms are always welcome. You could help them do a World of Good.

For a complete list of our WOGs and the reason why we WOG in the first place, please stop by this post.


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Great WoG, KT! I love the soup can castle!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this info was from the 2006 event. We expected to raise about 10,000 pounds of food. In reality Canstruction San Diego donated approximately 25,000 pounds of food to Homefront San Diego for local military families! The 2007 event should be just as exciting. Check out our website at The event is open to the public for viewing from March 17th to March 24th. Stop by and see us, and remember to bring a can of food!

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