Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Morning Catblogging

This morning we're just laying around in our office furniture, having a mug of joe, catblogging.

Life is good.

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Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Yes, life is good!
What a purrfect picture.

Right Truth said...

We have three dogs, one Beagle who is 9 years old, and two sisters who are half German Shepherd and half Black Lab, who are 12 years old.

They are all so sweet, so smart, and now getting problems that old dogs get.

We had to take one of the sisters to the vet today. We are starting her on medication for inflammation, but it doesn't look good. She is having problems with her hind legs and can't get around very well.

We will be basket cases if we have to eventually put her to sleep. But, we will keep lugging her 100 pounds up and down the stairs as long as our backs hold out and as long as she is not in pain or suffering.

Putting her to sleep with be a LAST resort.

Have fun with the cat. Pet lovers are good people.

Right Truth