Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Missed my own Blogiversary!

Isn't this just like a man? To forget a key date in a relationship and neglect that part of his life that has meant so much to him, taking it for granted and just treating that day like any other? And this time, it's not like it was an old and tired relationship, just going through the motions. This was our first blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary to me, a neglectful jerk. I'm off by 6 days. It was February 11.

Here's my first post ever. It was all about the furor created over the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. I took a contrarian view and didn't side with anyone. I also didn't get many readers or any comments. From that humble beginning has grown the 'Post you see today, a complete and total waste of time that dominates much of my thought and whose lessons have infiltrated my workplace to make me a Web 2.0 weirdo there, too.

I'm welcome.


Foxfier said...

*clears throat*

Haaaaappy Blog-day to you,
Haappy Bloooog-day to you!
You look like a feline,
Here's kibbles for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! One year? Look how far you have come. Best wishes for many more blogiversaries!

You don't look a day older! heh

Hanley Family said...

Now I'm offended. Your blogiversary is on MY birthday and you still forgot?

That's ok, I'm female and I completely forgot about my blogiversary. Don't even know when it is. Guess I could check. Would that be since I started blogging or since I moved over to blogspot?

Kim said...

Don't worry, I forgot my own blogiversary too. Twice. (As in, both of them.) And I'm a girl (like Dana over there. But I know when mine is - it's in the summer. August? Okay, so I'm not sure when it is.)

Congratulations anyway! I won't sing to you, because then you would probably just cry.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! Now I feel like I've had a real blogiversary.

Next year I'll be sure to get myself a card and give it on time. That will prevent the horrible scene in my bedroom a few nights ago with the tears and the yelling and the throwing of things.


Kelly the little black dog said...