Sunday, February 18, 2007

Life Sucks

(Posted by K T Cat in the name of my silenced partner, Jacob the Syrian Hamster.)

This is another in a series of posts where we give up on joy and success and join the sputterbudgets and whinypants in the Mainstream Media (MSM). As you know from listening to the news and watching TV, life sucks.

Today we have this article from the New York Times. It turns out that the Coalition forces in Iraq have been turning the screws to the terrorists and several more bigwigs have been killed or captured. One of the worst of them, Muqtada al-Sadr, has fled to Iran. Don't think for a minute that this is good news.

Neutralizing the power of Mr. Sadr, whose Mahdi Army has sporadically battled American forces for the past four years, has been a particular concern for American officials as they try to rein in powerful Shiite militias in Baghdad.

If Mr. Sadr had indeed fled, his absence would create a vacuum that could allow even more radical elements of the Shiite group to take power.
Thank God for the New York Times. If it wasn't for them, I would have mistakenly thought that snuffing a pack of baby killers and driving their leader out of the country was a good thing. Now I see my error. Sadr might be replaced by someone really evil who would...who would...errr...kill innocent civilians? But wasn't Sadr's gang of thugs already doing that as fast as they could? How could this make things worse?

Ow! My head hurts!

Well, never you mind. Life sucks because the New York Times told you that life sucks. Allow me to join in the fun despair.

A while back, I planted some red verbenas and a pair of periwinkles in my front yard to cover the barren dirt. They were given strict orders to act like groundcover and cover the ground. Just look at what they're doing now. You can click on the photos for larger, more stomach-turning images.

Stop that blooming, Verbena! Stop it at once, do you hear me?

So you're against me, too, eh Periwinkle? Well, no good will come of this, I assure you.

Defiance! That's all this is, just plain defiance! I water, fertilize and weed and what do they do for me? They bloom! I told them to cover the ground and instead they put out flowers. It just drives me crazy, I tell you!

Life sucks.

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Kelly the little black dog said...

I know you're not a big fan of the MSM, but I have to say that its nice to sit on a relaxed Sunday afternoon and work through a real paper. There is something satisfying for my generation about the tactile exercise of reading from news print. Reading the news online is more efficient, but I rarely read about something I'm not already looking for. A paper can have anything in it.