Friday, February 02, 2007

Pschiatric Explanation for Blogging Blahs?

I just got back from the last day of our trade show where I manned a booth, talking and liveblogging simultaneously. I'm fried. Like I said yesterday, I'm all yakked out.

I was talking about it with a friend of mine in the booth and he suggested a biochemical reason for it. Essentially, the chemicals required for your neurons to fire may have been all used up during the trade show and there just aren't enough left to come home and blog. I hope we can find a psychiatrist blogger to explain this in a blogversation.

I just checked out The Last Psychiatrist. They've got some great posts. Maybe they can shed some light on this...


Scribbit said...

I know what you mean, I used to keep my journal religiously and now that I'm blogging all the time I feel all "wrote out" when it comes to write in my journal.

Alone said...

I'm not sure this is what happens here, but it is established that depletion of dopamine from, say, cocaine, leads one to not experience the next situation as particularly exciting.

It also happens to neurons in a different manner, such that you can't fire the neuron again until after a time when the voltage resets (called refractory period.)

But with respect to the journal/blog problem of scribbit, you might try what I do: write each in a different voice, or persona, or perspective. If you keep the frame of reference separate, even the same topic will be freshly available for different insights. I sometimes even blog from the opposite position to the one I normally hold, just to see what emerges.

Alone said...

Another idea is to always start each blog post with a photo (or every journal entry with a drawing)-- this is a surprisingly effective way to get the juices flowing. I have several posts on my blog that simply would not have existed without the related photo (the white high heels/narcissism one jumps to mind):

K T Cat said...

I missed the "y" in "psychiatric." How embarrassng!