Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Leftists in the History Department Need to Talk to the Leftists in the Ecology Department

Look, we all know that climate change is caused by man and our modern technology raping the Earth, right? Well, someone needs to break into the History department over at the Illinois Museum and smack them around a little. They're preaching heresy. Dig this from their description of Late Prehistoric Native American technology.
In general, Native American technology did not change during Late Prehistory until European trade goods became available about 350 years ago. The bow and arrow served as the principal hunting tool, although its use as a weapon of war appears to increase. And, although differently decorated, pottery was made in the same way as during the preceding Mississippian period, with bits of shell added to the clay paste. New tools included shell fish lures, thought to have been used for ice fishing—Perhaps another bit of evidence of adjustment to a changing natural climate.
Looks to me like the Christian Theocrat Fascists have taken over down there and are spreading lies. More evidence that the Bush cabal is running amok!

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