Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gark! The New Blogger is Killing Me!

My blogging partner, Jacob the Syrian Hamster, was trying to post another in his "Life Sucks" series. When he logged in to blogger, it told him to get a Google account. He did. Then he went to blog and it told him he can't do it because the 'Post hasn't been moved to the new blogger yet. I've tried to move it, but blogger won't let me. Jacob has effecitvely been silenced! Argh!

I'll just have to post for him.

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Justin said...

Just before you try to change, revert this thing to one of Blogger's standard templates. Move to the new blogger and adopt one of the new style drag-and-drop templates.

Just make sure you save a backup of your current one so you can pull all the sidebar elements from it.

The new drag and drop templates are a blessing from above. It's nive to not have to sift through half a mile of HTML coding to make a change to something in the template.