Monday, February 05, 2007

Listen to the Scientists on Climate Change

Kelly, our Missionary to the Frozen Wastelands, has posted an excellent take on the recent UN report on climate change. He only partially agrees with Mark Steyn. Read the whole thing.

What occurred to me as I read it was that this is the same scenario playing itself out in the environmental world as it plays out in the military world. Ignorant politicans and ignorant journalists forming the opinion of a majority of people. Dig this excerpt.

Yes something unprecedented is happening, but no it isn't necessary to cripple the global economy to do something about it. In fact, if action is delayed, the costs will be more severe...The key here is to ignore what the politicians and the special interests are saying. And definitely don't listen to the press. Try listening to the scientists. Would you go to a senator, the NYT, or your priest to diagnose a medical condition? Read it yourself! Don't take someone elses interpretation of it.
Politicians use data to make themselves look good and their opponents look bad. Journalists use data to make you buy newspapers or watch TV. Neither of them use data to inform you.

Kelly is right. Read the report for yourself. Don't let others interpret it for you. The more educated you are, the less the press and the politicians can distort your perception of reality.

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