Friday, February 23, 2007

Join the Feline Theocracy's Frappr Map!

I just created a Frappr map for the Feline Theocracy members and readers. Push a pin in the map and show us where you are!

Of course, given the fact that less than 1% of blog readers leave comments or otherwise interact with the blog, this map will probably lay unpopulated for quite some time. How embarassing!

Update: I'm happy to say I was wrong. As you can see from the map, lots of you have been very kind and put yourselves on the map. It makes me feel good to see all of the different places this blog reaches, even if all it has to say is silly things.

Thanks, everyone. Whenever I feel myself about to enter the Growlery, I'll stop by here and look at this map. I'm sure it will brighten my day.

1 comment:

Foxfier said...

Perhaps we simply have nothing to add?

Seems like there's an awful lot of folks!