Friday, February 23, 2007

Barack vs. Hillary and blah blah blah

I was stricken with industrial strength ennui last night and spent quite a bit of time following all of the blog posts about the Barack-Hillary catfight. I considered posting about it for a while and adding in my two cents and then doing trackbacks, comments and all of the other blogging gymnastics I used to do when I was trying to build up hits and links in the center-right blogosphere. I just couldn't manage to find the energy. I'll take a run at it now, sans the trolling for hits.

The whole thing is a big yawn. The two of them are some of the blandest, most pre-packaged bags of hot air around. The whole fight was silly. Geffen said Hillary was a liar. Well, duh. Hillary's minions said Barack wasn't playing fair. No, really?

Barack wants to be president. He can't be president at the same time as Hillary. Hillary is the front-runner. She's got more baggage than Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol. Of course he's going to bring it up. Why not? Even if he doesn't, does anyone in the English-speaking world not know about Hillary's filth-encrusted past?

What a bore.

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