Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Moron Netflix And Disney

 After looking at the results below, I could have just bumped this recent post and left it at that.

And so here we are with the Walt Disney Corporation siding with the sexual degenerates who lack a frame of reference for raising children over the parents of the children who are their target audience.

That is so unbelievably stupid that the only people who could possibly make a mistake that large would be the highly educated.

Now dig this headline from a few days ago. 

Story here.

How is it even possible for a company who exists to make happy, colorful entertainment options for children to end up with an approval rating of 33%? More from my post linked above.

Disney lost track of their primary mission - to provide wholesome, family entertainment. They then lost track of their customer base, normal parents. In fact, they didn't just lose track of those things, they took positions in complete opposition to them.

I don't think anyone has ever seen something like this. It's so unbelievably stupid that you can't imagine anyone doing it and still being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's amazing that the management at Disney doesn't get their heads stuck in buckets all day long.

Seriously, how could they be this awful? They and Netflix are just taking a beating in the market, too.

Disney is down about 33% this year.

Netflix is down about 66% this year.

Again, from my previous post.

Another theme of this blog is the gulf between the Elites and the Normals. The Progs have completely taken over the education industry and, as a consequence, the HR and marketing teams of all the major corporations are hiring from a pool of race and gender maniacs. The aforementioned gulf is an isolating structure. The woke loons not only don't understand the Normals, they don't even know how large that group is.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Disney's and Netflix's creative management teams are childless. You couldn't possibly be a parent and hang out with other parents and think that sexual degeneracy would sell.


tim eisele said...

I am surprised to hear that Disney's popularity was ever as high as 77%. Maybe I hang around with too many disgruntled Star Wars fans, but the people I know who have anything to say about Disney mostly have been deeply unhappy with them for some time.

K T Cat said...

Who doesn't like Disney? I might think some of their stuff isn't that good, but I can't remember a time before now when I would have said I disapproved of them.

Mostly Nothing said...

I remember hearing about in their golden age of animation, that the stories started out much darker, but eventually migrated toward what you have. Peter Pan and Snow White come to mind.

We have the disney bundle, more for Hulu than anything else. A little for ESPN to get more hockey. But ESPN is so completely awful at anything sports since their purge 5-6 years ago, it's hardly worth it. We don't actually pay for it, well directly. It is provided by our Verizon account.

K T Cat said...

I need to take some time to figure out how to cut the cord. I want to watch Bad TV - Wheel and Jeopardy, the NFL, the Premiere League and SEC football. Other than that, everything we do is through our Amazon Fire.

Mostly Nothing said...

We've been cord cutters for years. Dropped cable probably 15 years ago for DirecTV. Which wasn't really any better.
Then 7-8 years ago, dumped DirecTV and got a 60Mb/s DSL line, and have used about every different streaming service. Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now (for a while it was AT&T TV NOW or something). We'd switch around when Bally Sport started screwing around and jacking up prices.

AT&T was the last one that had the region sports stations (Bally)

The best interface is YouTube TV (google) . It also has the best DVR, included. And allows 3-4 TVs to stream the same channel at the same time. The YouTube TV app on the roku (or fire) is a separate app from the YouTube app. Mostly because Google and Roku got in a pissing match. Google almost pulled its service off Roku.

Hulu is next, interface is good, DVR is an add on for another $8-10 a month, I think. Allows 2-3 TVs to stream the same channel at the same time. Just one app for Hulu and the live TV.

Sling is pretty good. Gets a little confusing because they have 2 streams, with overlapping services. You need one of them for ESPN/Disney/etc. And other stations on the other stream. The stream with ESPN/Disney only allows 1 TV on a station at a time. The other allows 3. I don't think I ever used the DVR on it. It also has mini-bundle add ones for about $5 a month. We added a movie bundle that gave us TCM. A station that is just included on all the rest. Still with both streams plus the movie bundle, it was the cheapest.

DirecTV/AT&T TV NOW/HERE/WATCH US - seemingly dozens of name changes over a couple years. It's key selling points are:
- All the terrible features of Cable TV
- The horrible customer service of Cable TV. Like the only way to cancel is to call in, and wait on hold, instead of clicking "Cancel" and going through 3 "are you sure screens" for all the others.
- The higher price of cable TV
- The bait-and-switch pricing (lying) of cable TV. They advertise a price, and say you get local channels with that package. But The local channels are an extra $8-10 a month, and you can't not get them. You can get the Regional Sports Network with the 2nd tier of channel packages (10-15 more stations you never watch), and an extra $15 for the RSN.
- A horrible interface that was very slow, and hard to change channels. Near impossible to switch between.

There is one more, that we haven't tried, but might be for you. FubuTV, they have EPL. But smaller offerings in everything else. It may suit you.

I hope I didn't sell DirectTV Now too much. It's really horrible.

Ohioan@Heart said...

I am a Luddite. I use an antenna. Have never paid for cable or streaming or anything else. I did try YouTube TV (on a free trial basis). It was OK, but it really didn’t offer anything I wanted to pay for (I do have a 1Tb DVR that allows me to record two channels at the same time, or watch one and record one).

I do have the good fortune to live where I get a bunch of over the air channels. Even after eliminating the Spanish ones, there are 25 available. CBS, CW, Laff, True Crime Network, Quest, ABC, MeTV, Grit, ION Mystery, Bounce, NEWSY, PBS, PBS 2, Create, PBS Kids, NBC, COZI, LX Network, Oxygen, KUSI, FOX, Antenna TV, Court TV, ion, and Rewind. I really only watch/DVR about 14 of them, but the others are there. And it is all FREE.

Ilíon said...

Other than for a year or two (*) when 'Lost' was on, I haven't had a TV since I left home for college in '75.

(*) And the reception was so bad that I gave up and waited for the DVD sets (**) to come out.

(**) Which were stolen when my house was burgled a few years ago.

Ilíon said...

==You couldn't possibly be a parent and hang out with other parents and think that sexual degeneracy would sell.==

Why are you assuming that long-term profitability is a goal or even a concern?