Wednesday, May 11, 2022

How To Be A Good Marxist

It's actually pretty simple. You'd expect that as Marxism is a world view for farm animals and their intellectual peers. Here's the 3-step process.

1. Separate Everyone In The World Into Simple Groups

You must start with childish groupings, ones that any moron can use to sort everyone they meet into separate bins.

Original Flavor

  1. Owners
  2. Workers

Nazi Flavor

  1. Aryans
  2. Jews
  3. Other inferior races like Slavs

Spicy, Argentinian, Peronist Flavor

  1. Rich
  2. Poor

American Intersectionalist Flavor

  1. Straight, white men
  2. Straight, white women
  3. Asians
  4. People of color except Asians

2. Accept The Marxist Premise

Now that you've got everyone in their tidy, little groups, you have to accept that striving to increase the group's political power is the driving motivation for everyone. You might weaken and think that some people fall in love or like to cook or prefer the color chartreuse, but you'd be wrong. Those are irrelevant details. It's all about political power for the owners, the Jews, the rich, or straight, white men.

For the people in the dominant group, everything they do is designed to create a world where their dominance is preserved. For the people in the subordinate groups, they must do everything they can to be heard, represented, protected and gain power. Dominance is evil and it's the result of the members of the group holding everyone else down. There are no exceptions.

For example, for the American Intersectionalist, Sir Isaac Newton was not simply studying physics, he was studying physics within a framework designed to maintain the power and dominance of straight, white men wearing powdered wigs. What a pig!

3. Take Action!

Since everything is political and everyone in the dominant class seeks to keep the others down, you, as a good Marxist desiring social justice, must seek to weaken the dominant class and raise up the oppressed. You have to do that using every tool at your disposal.

Your disposal. Look for tools nearby. You'll need those to crush the white patriarchy.

If you're a Marxist member* of the American Pediatric Association, you instantly realize that the people on the Board have used systemic racism for generations to keep People of Color Except Asians from positions of power. The bylaws are part of the system. The way they select members is part of the system. Oh sure, you might not be able to find any words to that effect, but it must be true! #2 above tells you so and you believe that unquestioningly.

To defeat the oppressors, it's up to you to take control of the Board. Once you do so, you can change the way members are selected and the organization is run. Finally, the oppressed classes such as non-binary Latinxes can have their voices raised up or amplified or heard or whatever it is you do with the other voices in your head.

You do this because you know, you just know, that every Board in the past was suffused with systemic racism and did its best to maintain white supremacy. You're not doing anything different from what had been done before, you're just doing it for justice.

And that's how you end up with professional medical organizations claiming that chemically castrating little boys, slicing off the breasts of little girls and injecting everyone who seems even a tiny bit off full of wrong-sex hormones is a great idea.

They only seem insane until you realize that they are fighting for justice for marginalized groups. Then it all makes sweet, delicious sense.

* - How common are Marxist members of these groups? Well, since almost everyone coming out of our universities has been trained to bin people and then look for systems of oppressive power, it's a non-trivial number.


IlĂ­on said...

An under-appreciated corollary of the adage, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” is that, “When all you have is a nail, everything can be used as a hammer”.
The leftists have their One Big Nail -- power -- which they allege explains all things and with which they can join any number of disparate facts; and with which, as they further allege, they themselves can heal all wounds when allowed to wound all (whom they proclaim to be) heels.

Ohioan@Heart said...

You’ve forgotten step 4 (which the Marxists refuse to acknowledge): Ensure your power never ends In this step the Marxists build a big version of the item in the photo and give it three settings: torture, maim, and liquidate.