Friday, May 13, 2022

Fewer Senate Hearings, More Exorcisms!

 ... and I'm being serious here.

I saw a video a day or two ago where Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury, Brown '67 and Yale '71, patiently explained to Senator Tim Scott, a black man raised in poverty by a single mother, that his mom would have been better off if she had killed him. Yellen was rambling on about economic participation rates and poor, black mothers and suggested that abortion was a double win - better for the economy and better for the women. Senator Scott was so gobsmacked by what she said that he could barely reply. It took me about a day to process what had happened.

Seriously, Janet Yellen, who got the inflation thing dead wrong about a year ago, telling us all that it was transitory, said a guy's mom would have been happier if he was dead.

Janet Yellen doesn't need any more Senate hearings. She needs an exorcism.

Moving on to others possessed by demons, we come to Lawrence O'Donnell and Representative Katie Porter (D-Hell). Dig this.

Shorter Katie Porter: Inflation is increasing. Kill your children. 

You can just see the wheels turning in Lawrence O'Donnell's head. "You know, we keep facing this same problem over and over again. I wonder if there's some kind of final solution we can implement."

If you think about the implications of what Moloch, err, Katie is saying, you inevitably conclude that we need to be able to kill any and all dependents at any time in their lives. As kids get older, they eat more. That's a form of inflation right there. Kill them! If you want to talk about increased expenses, look no further than the student loan crisis. Sending your children to college is expensive. We could solve overpopulation and the college debt problem at one time with a few death camps.

If you offered to build them on the campuses of Harvard, Yale and Brown, I might be tempted ... no, No, NO! That's wrong! Get thee behind me, Satan! Maybe get back into the body of Janet Yellen or something like that.

The whole Roe v Wade decision is bringing things into sharp focus. I guess that's a good thing. Well, if looking at demonically possessed people is your thing, that is.

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