Saturday, May 21, 2022

Weakening MLK

 ... can best be done by ditching Christianity.

Yesterday, we looked at George Wallace's segregation speech and compared it to his nemesis, MLK and his speeches. 

Wallace's speech surprised me in that it didn't support racism so much as it did racial purity. It had a very Hitlerian quality in that way. Wallace didn't want to enslave the blacks, he just wanted them over there while the whites stayed over here...

His speech is also filled with racial paranoia...

He mumbles stuff about God, but it's not tied to any theological points from either Scripture or the Church Fathers, so it sounds like what it is - a cheap political stunt designed to make you think he's a faithful Christian...

MLK, in contrast, wrote well-crafted speeches. They have easily-followed narrative arcs and their logic is clear. God says we're all the same, our founding documents say we're all the same, why don't we treat each other all the same?

What happens when you ditch Christianity? Well, as we found by reading Caesar and Geronimo, absent Christianity, racial classifications and their attendant injustices are perfectly logical.

Unburdened by Judeo-Christian notions that all men are created equal in the image of God, Caesar is the ultimate, secular Utilitarian. He has a job to do and he gets it done with minimal fuss. If you submit to Roman rule, even after battle, he takes hostages from your royal families and demands a tribute to pay for garrison legions. Your nation is allowed to survive, albeit as a vassal state to the Romans. If you betray that agreement or oppose him through any kind treachery, he defeats you in battle, burns your villages to the ground, slaughters your leaders and sells the population into slavery.

Geronimo had similar ethics.

Geronimo had no concept of morality outside of his own. It was perfectly honorable to raid and steal and murder as long as it was done the right way. He had no problem wiping out whole farmsteads if they resisted when he and his goons showed up to rob the place. When it happened to him under different circumstances, he was aghast and complained of treachery.

When America cuts itself adrift from Christianity, MLK's argument is reduced to an appeal to our founding documents. When those are called into question because our Founders were flawed humans, MLK is left with nothing at all.

At that point Caesar and Geronimo make much better arguments. So does, for that matter, the University of South Carolina

The Moore Business Success Academy, a three-day workshop hosted by the University of South Carolina's  (USC) Darla Moore School of Business, is not accepting applications from White students. 

“Student must identify as African American or Black, Hispanic, LatinX, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, or Two or More Races," the application requirements read. 

Campus Reform obtained an email from the Moore school's Office of Diversity and Inclusion that stipulates the same race-based prohibition as the online application. 

And that, as far as I'm concerned, is how we've gotten to this sorry state of affairs.

Repent and believe in the Gospel. Or else.

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