Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Only Show On TV With Men In It

 ... is The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency. At least that was my conclusion after trying to find something modern to watch last night. We gave Bergman Island a try as it didn't seem to be jamming racial and sexual trash down our throats, but it was so slow and so weird that we turned it off after 30 minutes that seemed like a year. Everything else from 2021 looked horrible.

Detective Agency is a thoroughly human show from Botswana. It centers around the adventures of two women who start a detective agency in a patriarchal country. One of the two primary male character is a gay dude which only adds to the charm of the show. The men in the show are men. The characters are all recognizable as real people and while they're plenty eccentric, they aren't political cardboard cutouts generated by woke lunatics.

It's also funny. Here's a snippet. Enjoy!


tim eisele said...

That sounds promising, thanks! Unfortunately, when I looked it up, it said that it is not a recent show (it was made in 2009), and they only ever made 7 episodes.

If you are looking for non-typical shows with real people on it, another one that my wife really likes is "Old Enough". It's a Japanese show, and what they do is they have the parents of kids between 2 and 5 years old send the kids out on an errand by themselves. The kids are, of course, extremely cute as they try to figure out how to get where they're going and what to do when they get there. The show has been on the air in Japan for something like 30 years, and Netflix just recently put subtitles on 20 episodes and made them available for streaming.

K T Cat said...

We tried Old Enough. I liked it, but wife kitteh was kind of creeped out by it.

Mostly Nothing said...

We have kind of settled into British programming. We quite like Father Brown, now in its 9th season. Starring Mark Williams (Mr Weasley) as Father Brown. It's a sleepy little town in England in the 50s. And a murder every week. They slip in some modern sensibilities.

Also, from Australia is Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries. She's a lady detective in the 1920s, and very liberated. A pseudo-spin off is Ms Fischer's Modern Murder Mysteries, is her niece picking up where she left off.

K T Cat said...

A murder every week, eh? Did you know the church gets a fee for every funeral service? Is it possible that Father Brown is drumming up his own business?

This is as bad as Murder, She Wrote. The lesson there was that if Angela Lansbury showed up in your town, it was time to take a long vacation.

Agreed, British shows are great.

Ohioan@Heart said...

We’ve mostly shifted to PBS reruns of British series as well. I can recommend Death in Paradise to go with Father Brown. Midsomer Murders is decent as well.

Ilíon said...

While it isn't "modern", the Brit series 'The Midsomer Murders' is good.

Ilíon said...

A mere murder every week?!

In 'The Midsomer Murders', one murder frequently morphs into a second or a third, and the murders sometimes commits suicide.