Sunday, May 15, 2022

Baby Formula Shopping In San Diego

 ... is a fruitless task. If you think the outages are confined to places like Texas and Tennessee, think again.

We have two new grandkittens, a boy and a girl. The girl doesn't like to breastfeed, so she takes a mix of breast milk and formula from a bottle. Wife kitteh and I went shopping for formula yesterday and more than half of the stores were completely out of it. The only ones that had any had so little that they will certainly be out of it by today. I can't imagine that any store in San Diego will have any at all by, say, Tuesday.

This is a photo taken at a store in Nevada, but ours looked just like it.

This is some scary stuff. The toilet paper shortages were kind of funny, but not really serious. There are all manner of substitutes for it from paper towels to spraying your nether regions with a garden hose. Baby food is a completely different animal.

When I visited the regime's search engine, Google, the first ten or so hits I got on "baby formula recipe" were links to sites telling you not to try to make any yourself because it's so dangerous. That blew my mind. There's no baby food available and the childless, non-binary furries at Google want you to ... what?  Let your kid starve to death? What on Earth is the alternative? Seriously, what is it?

Look, I understand that self-sufficiency is a bad thing. We can't have just anyone out there providing for themselves without the direct oversight of credentialed experts, but if there's no baby food at the store, you're going to have to make your own, just like people did decades ago, when the streets were piled with dead bodies.

San Diego in 1960, right after government workers had cleared away all of the dead bodies of people killed by homemade food.

In all non-snarkiness, what we experienced yesterday was frightening. Starving babies isn't good for social stability.


Ohioan@Heart said...

In all seriousness, the one thing I took away from my college History of Civilization classes (other than an afternoon nap) was that almost every revolution has been caused by the young people (less than 30 = prime child bearing age). And these have happened when those young people feel a frustration caused by their inability to do at least as well as their parents. I would argue we are seeing exactly that right now.

I do not think that Biden can even imagine the extent of the frustration of this group. And, no, not being able to pay off their student loans is not the main driver. Sure that’s part of it for some of them, but if you ‘forgive’ all that debt (a.k.a. print money to pay it off) he will be just accelerating the real problems. Those being (in no particular order): Bidinflation (particularly the insane prices of houses, fuel, and food), shortages (diesel and food and especially baby food), lawlessness in our cities, and a feeling that the government is not helping to fix the problems (if not, out right causing them).

I am very concerned that the next few years will see the beginning of the second American Revolution/Civil War.

ligneus said...

Was it Reagan's quip that if you put the gov in charge of the Sahara, in five years there would be a shortage of sand.

Ohioan@Heart said...

That quote is from Milton Friedman.

I would say that the closest Reagan came to that is the “Most Terrifying Words – ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Which he certainly said, even though he almost certainly wasn’t the first to say it.

Ilíon said...

==Starving babies isn't good for social stability.==

I'm pretty sure that social stability is the last thing that the Dems' leftist puppet-masters want. When *everything* they do/advocate results in more social chaos, at some point, we one is forced to conclude that that is the goal.

Anonymous said...

I read the post then searched on DuckDuckGo for “homemade baby food.” Got seemingly reasonable results. Tried the same on Google and got similar results.

Rechecked your post, copied the exact search terms and searched on Google. At the top of the results were links to three news stories shouting “danger, danger.” The rest of the results were mixed.

My opinions about Google are conflicted. The establishment media seems to be getting worse.

K T Cat said...

I did the search from my phone while out on our baby food safari. I'm standing there, looking at empty shelves with two newborn grandchildren in need of formula and it was clear to me that Google's staff didn't want me to make my own formula. It was surreal.