Tuesday, May 10, 2022

I Identify As A Woman

How does that make any sense at all? I looked into hormone levels as a function of a woman's reproductive cycle and then a man's testosterone levels as a function of a woman's. I put them together, to scale, in this chart.

I think you'll need to click on it to read the legend.

How in the world can those two creatures justify transitioning into each other? I feel like a woman? How can you do that when you don't experience hormonal changes over the month? I feel like a man? How can you do that when you don't have the, err, appliance that is on the receiving end of that massive amount of testosterone?

It's ridiculous.

I know I'm banging away on this too much lately, but I'm still trying to piece together what is happening. I'm slow that way.

Tomorrow, we'll deal with how and why the professional societies got captured by the cultural Marxists.

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Ohioan@Heart said...

“I Identify As a Woman”. Best be careful saying that now. Earlier today our “esteemed” county Supervisors actually passed the ordinance which basically says if you claim to be / identify as a woman, then you must be treated as a woman. So no more prostate exams, Pap smears for you!

Link to story: https://www.kusi.com/san-diego-county-supervisors-officially-pass-ordinance-to-redefine-woman/

And good luck w.r.t. the mice. As a cat I hope you are a good mouser.