Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why You Should Support President Obama

... because it's always better when economic data graphs go up.

This is a great incentive for the youth to vote for him, too! Be sure to show it to your kids.

By the way, if you want to delve into econodata, there's a great site out there called FRED.


tim eisele said...

Kind of related to this, I've been reading lately about one of the effects that is causing health care and education expenses to shoot up faster than inflation: Baumol's Cost Disease. It's basically the problem that, when technological improvements cause most jobs to become dramatically more productive, labor-intensive (but necessary) services get disproportionately more expensive. This happens because if you want people to keep doing those jobs, the salaries need to increase to keep up with those of the people doing technologically-boosted jobs. But the productivity of, say, a doctor or a teacher can't increase because they still can't deal with any more patients/students than they could before. As a result, these labor-intensive service jobs end up taking a bigger and bigger share of people's incomes.

This maybe can be addressed, but I think it will ultimately take coming up with some way to build robotic doctors and teachers.

Tots said...

What really boils my pasta is the Senate refusing to pass a budget. The dems have done this so they can deny, deny, deny.

I at least understood Reagan and Bush spending for the Cold War and War on Terror. President Oprah is just breaking the bank.