Thursday, March 01, 2012

Momma Daisy Adventure Playset Update

About two months ago, I bought a small pop-up greenhouse that we dubbed The Momma Daisy Adventure Playset. Momma and her daughter had been devoured by some unknown life form and the Playset was procured as a force field to keep Evil at bay. Did it work?

You bet!

Her flowers may be washed out because they are the first of the season and I haven't fertilized her yet. The leaves, however, are the best they've ever been. She's growing like crazy, too.

When I moved her into the playset, I divided her and repotted both halves. I'm not sure what to call the two halves. For now, they're both Momma Daisy.

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tim eisele said...

Identical twins, eh? I suppose this is a prime opportunity to start experimenting with different fertilizers and soil additives to see if you can get the color of the blooms to change!