Friday, March 09, 2012

Why Doesn't My Mayor Do This?

East Cleveland is #4 on the hit parade of small cities with the highest percentage of single parent homes. East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer is, err, an interesting fellow. His predecessors are pretty spicy, too.
(T)he city's leadership is not of a caliber often associated with, say, Abraham Lincoln. One former mayor is in prison after being convicted on a smorgasbord of bribery charges. The last mayor gained office despite a previous conviction for manslaughter. It seems she stabbed a boyfriend to death. And it appears the present mayor, Eric Brewer, who bills himself as a reformer, is not so straight either.
Our Mayor is the dull Jerry Sanders. He walks around in suits and drones on and on about fiduciary obligations and long-term bonds for infrastructure renewal, whatever any of that means. Not once has he been accused of anything as interesting as shoplifting, much less bribery or manslaughter. The thought of Jerry Sanders being photographed prancing around in a corset and heels is something that has probably not occurred to any of us here in America's Finest City. Jerry's a lot closer to Lincoln than Brewer, that's for sure.

What a bore. Zzzzzzz.

Abraham Lincoln was overrated.


Ohioan@Heart said...

But one of our mayors might get into the Red Dress Run...

See here for You Tube video of the last one and

for explanation.

K T Cat said...

Oh please. He's an amateur compared to Brewer.

Dean said...

And let's not forget Sanders is a champion of the craft beer scene here in San Diego.