Sunday, March 25, 2012

Harvard Leads The Way!

... straight into hell.

It's Sex Week at Harvard! Among the teach-ins is this winner:
Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride: Sex Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations

12PM, West Milstein A

Join HLSRJ and Good Vibrations for a short discussion of sex-positivity, a demo of lube and some popular sex toys, then Q&A. Free Food!
I wonder if they'll show any videos from East Cleveland, the apex of sex-positivity. Like this one.

Here, two well-educated women engage in a pleasant debate over feminist notions of the sexual revolution. Note how the men allow the women to reach their full potential as persons and do not intervene.


Dean said...

They made a music video out of it. Perfect. Link forthcoming.

K T Cat said...

I love how the boys (they're not men) walk up to the fight like they're going to stop it and then just stand and watch it. All set to some thumping good rap music where the lyrics are all machismo and attitude.