Sunday, March 04, 2012

Does Anyone Still Use CD Players?

I was just looking at some stereo gear in the Catican and I found a 5 CD player was part of the setup. We never use it anymore as we all have smartphones that have access to all of our music. Everywhere in the house, when we want to listen to music, we either use our phones or an Internet device and Pandora or Google Music.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Yes you west coast elitist! ;)

We have hundreds of CDs that have yet to be burned, let alone some very old vinyl. There is really no practical alternative if we want to listen to any of our old stuff. As for new stuff, the wife still buys CDs on occasion, I haven't bought anything new in a decade. What I do is buy used CDs for less than half of what downloads cost.

K T Cat said...

I love CDs. That's how I buy almost all of my music. I just rip them (legally) to my PC and then Google Music automatically uploads them to the cloud and I access it from there.

Jedi Knight Ivyan said...

funny, I was just thinking about getting a small boombox or cd walkman with external speakers so I can play music in any room I want.

I haven't upgraded to a smart phone yet, as I have two small children. children and delicate electronics don't mix.

Mostly Nothing said...

I don't buy much music anymore. The new Zamboni's album even came on electronic download straight from them.

I've never used the CD player in my Altima, that I've had for 6-7 months. I don't think I've used the CD player I installed in the MG 5-6 years ago. I got a iPod input on that stereo.

Occasionally, at home we'll play a cd. Very occasionally.

tim eisele said...

Well, I use the CD player to play the violin practice CD that my daughter is supposed to be using for accompaniment when she plays[1]. Nobody else uses the CD player, so it is pretty convenient to use it just for that one disk. I now always know exactly where it is when it is time to practice.

Everything else is dumped onto my wife's MP3 player and laptop, though. Even the insect songs. Which is fun when she puts it on random play; one minute you're listening to Bob Dylan, and the next it is Allard's Ground Cricket[2].

[1] I've been practicing the violin myself, to set her a good example. This is only partially successful at getting her to practice more (what usually happens is, I play the violin along with the CD while my daughters dance to the music). But on the plus side, I'm actually getting to the point where the dog no longer runs howling from the room when I play the violin!

[2] Would "Allard's Ground Crickets" make a good name for a band?