Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Scene We'd Like to see With Bill Maher

There was a YouTube video floating around the blogosphere last week that had Ben Affleck and P J O'Rourke on Equal Time with Bill Maher discussing the Republican presidential candidates. Most of the blog talk centered around Ben's utterly vapid analysis, but I thought that there was something much deeper going on.

The group of them were dissecting Rudy, Mitt and John McCain with great disdain. Bill Maher went so far as to call Rudy "insane". Now I am no fan of Rudy Giuliani. If he was running against, say, Hillary, I'd vote for him with my fingers firmly pinching my nose. Having said that, there's no denying what he did for New York city and its crime rate in particular. Sometimes politicians take credit for economic cycles and claim they know what to do to improve the economy, but you can't fake that big of a drop in the crime rate. Rudy was a successful leader.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher and his guests don't look like the kinds of people I'd want running a Boy Scout troop, much less a larger organization. What's with all this snide hyperbole against Rudy and the rest? Even Hillary has shown organizational acumen, albeit of the organized crime variety. No one on that show took a positive look at any of the candidates. They all took the coward's way out, attacking everyone so they wouldn't have to defend any position.

One day I'd like to see someone stand up to the lot of these creeps like Bill Maher and Keith Olberman and subject them to the same kind of scrutiny. I'd like to see a whole show dedicated to ripping Bill Maher's resume to shreds on live TV, preferrably without him in the room. That way he wouldn't be able to defend himself and everyone could be just as snide with him as he is with Rudy.

Hey, that's not a half-bad idea. I wonder if the MSM will ever get to the point where they'd engage in such cannibalism. I'd watch for sure.

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