Friday, June 08, 2007

In Defense of Jeri Kehn

Have you seen this picture yet?

It's Fred Thompson and his wife, Jeri Kehn. All kinds of swinish posts are being written about it. She's in her 40s, he's in his 60s. She's being called a "trophy wife" and criticized because she signs her name with a happy face over the "i".

What kind of pathetic, dreary life do you have to lead to find fault with her? Has anyone who is carping about this actually dated in the their 40s? She's old enough to know about men and make informed decisions about who she marries. Jeri could probably have had almost any guy in her age range she wanted. She could have found a lawyer or doctor with as much money as Fred and just as many social connections. She could have found a brilliant man or a gentle man or any kind of man she was looking for.

She wanted Fred.

All the feminist harpies and frigid martinets who are criticizing the situation don't give her any credit at all. Like he's never looked at her like that before. Do you suppose it happened while they were dating? Don't you think she's seen that look before?

They ought to go back to parsing Shakespeare for sexism or whatever it is they do in their spare time, the frickin' joyless, bitter shrews. Jeri got what she wanted and she looks like she's happy with the way it turned out. Not only that, Fred's ex still respects him and his ex-girlfriend, country music recording star Lorrie Morgan still respects him.

Dude is a stud. He makes the people around him happy and Jeri recognized that and decided to marry him. All this bagging on Jeri is pathetic.

If you want to read some of the posts about the subject, try these. Link1, Link2, Link3.

Update: This post is an expansion of a comment I left over at Ann Althouse's blog post on the subject. I'm so dumb that I totally misread her post and went after her with this 2x4 while all the time she had pretty much the same view as I did. What a dope. Luckily she runs a blogspot blog and I could delete my stupid comments. I'm sorry, Ann.


Foxfier said...

It's odd, but if she was...say... 18, and he was nearly 40, that would be a bit creepy.

But 40 and 60? Come on, they're both *really* grown up-- it's not like the first situation, where one is young and easily manipulated. Oh, and nearly identical to most movies these days.....

Unknown said...

My guess would be the shrews who are wailing the loudest are the same females who have spouted about the "evil male" and now they can't get a date even if they were in a House of Ill Repute.

Jeri seems to be very happy in her marriage. Why can't people just leave them alone?

Anonymous said...

I think the 'leer' is in the eye of the beholder, plus maybe the camera angle a bit, there is no leer, just a friendly loving look. Lucky man, lucky woman.