Friday, June 15, 2007

Funny, K T Never has More Than one cup at Home!

How many of you out there are old enough to get that reference?

A friend of mine recommended reducing my caffeine intake, so I'm cutting down to 1 cup in the morning instead of 2. I usually have another half cup when I get in to work and then a Diet Coke for lunch. We'll see if we can cut out one cup in the morning and that half cup when I get in. Eventually, we'll eliminate the Diet Coke, too.

Incidentally, at about $0.50 per Diet Coke and one can per day, that's an annual savings of about $182. That's the price of a fairly nice cell phone for my ghastly Sprint service or some additions to my threadbare wardrobe. Hmmm.


Unknown said...

WHAT??!!!! No coffee?? Are you INSANE??! That's like swearing off donuts! *shudder*

I used to work with a fella that said he only drinks one cup of coffee a day. Then he proceeded to take the entire caraf back to his desk and drink from it.

K T Cat said...

Actually, I have more energy now that I've cut down my caffeine. I'll post a follow up on this in a bit.