Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lorrie Morgan as Fred Thompson's First Lady

Fred Thompson dated Lorrie Morgan for a while. Fred could be our next president, God willin' and the creek don't rise. While Fred ended up marrying Jeri Kehn, Lorrie still holds Fred in high regards, like all the rest of Fred's ex-girlfriends.

His ex-girlfriends still like him. Dude is a total stud.

In any case, imagine the White House with Lorrie Morgan as first lady.

Here's what part of what Lorrie had to say from the article linked above.
Morgan blames herself rather than Thompson for the break-up of their “serious” relationship. Although she is a Republican, the country singer believes that she was too politically incorrect to suit the role of senator’s wife. “Country music is all about glamour and shine and politics is a little more reserved,” she said. “I felt I had to change my whole wardrobe.”

She laughs at the thought that she could have become the first lady. “You know what?” she said. “The White House would never have been the same.”
What a contrast it would have been to a certain hag shrew harpy crone woman who is running for president. It's too bad that Lorrie and Fred didn't hook up. It would have been glorious.

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