Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm With Fred Thompson

Dude gets it.

He comprehends the nature of our enemies and the complex interrelations between them. Unlike the simpletons who need to see clear connections before they act, he understands that this asymmetric, networked war we're in does not have the direct linkages we're used to from previous conflicts.

I watched a few more of his YouTube speeches and liked what he had to say about our borrowing and spending as well. Reagan proved that charisma and speaking directly to the American people can bring great success to an administration. It's something that the others just don't seem to get. I like Mitt's positions, but he talks like a dork. His ads are all polished politician gobbledygook. He's John Edwards without the vacuous positions.

I've heard people criticize Fred because he hasn't come out with detailed policy statements. Frankly, I don't need a president who has great plans. I need one that understands that we need to divest ourselves of the hangover from previous great plans. We spend every penny we get in taxes. We spend all of our Social Security surplus. We borrow money and spend that. What are the other candidates talking about? Government health care. Where's the money for that coming?

Imagine sitting down with your spouse one night to discuss the family finances. They look like this and they have for years.

Income $48,000
Expenses $59,000

Imagine your spouse says that they think you ought to take out another loan and buy something new, a loan that will last tens of years. You'd think they were crazy, right? Well, that's what all the candidates are saying.

We don't need complicated, detailed policy statements. We need to stop spending money.

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