Monday, March 19, 2007

WOGlet, Tadpole Style

Joe Katzman and his wife went out of their way to save some drought-endangered amphibians.

The tadpoles... they've hatched out, too, but the heat isn't doing them a lot of favours. My sweetie and I were out walking in our area last week, when we spotted a small roadside ditch filled with water. Sure enough, it was full of tadpoles. This much we knew: unless it rained, soon, they were all going to die. "We have to rescue them" she said.
And of course they did just that.

You go, Joe! Read the whole thing.

Sometimes I find little bits like this one on the blogs, things that are too small for a standard World of Good (WOG), but need to be mentioned and linked. I struggled with a name (Wordlette of Good? World of Goodlet?) and then came up with a brainwave - WOGlet. What do you think of the name?

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