Friday, March 23, 2007

Jerry Garcia is our Pediatrician

Yesterday I took my daughter to see the doctor. The doctor is a very nice person and wants to help. Unfortunately, "help" in doctor terms is always one of two things: drugs or specialists. My daughter was having some trouble keeping up at school. The doctor's solution? Drugs. Or specialists. Or specialists with drugs. But mostly just drugs.

What my daughter really needs is more parental help. I just changed my job at work and it will give me much greater flexibility to take time off to help her with her schoolwork. That option was not offered by the doctor. Just drugs. As I left, I felt like we had just seen Jerry Garcia.

Problems in school, eh? Well, take some of these! Snort a line of this! Take a toke of that! Pop a few of those! Try this syringe! It's full of good stuff, man!

I opted for the parenting instead.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Good for you! There's too much reliance on drugging kids these days.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Garcia? Sounds more like Timothy Leary to me.