Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dogwood, Cherry and Sky

I just flew in from Washington, DC and boy, are my arms tired!

No, the Geneva Convention does not prohibit me from using that joke over and over again. Stop asking.

While there, I got a few minutes to see the local trees in bloom. This time I decided to take a few shots looking up at the sky from below the blooming trees. The white one I'm almost certain is a dogwood (what a horrible name for a beautiful tree) and the red one, I think, is a cherry. Click on the photos for larger images. It's worth it.

One of these trees was found in Maryland and the other was in Virginia. For those Virginiaphiles out there, such as the ones that visit the Carnival of Virginia, see if you can guess which one, just by looking at the sky.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Guessing which is where based on the sky!?!? I thought this some typical KT Cat sarcastic humor, then I looked more closely...

I'd guess the Dogwood is in VA (based on the contrails in the sky).