Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jacob Helps with the Laundry

I'm a firm believer in shared responsibilities for all family members. That even goes for Jacob the Syrian Hamster. Tonight he helped with the laundry.

I'm glad these pants are wash and wear. I really don't feel like doing any ironing tonight.

I'm always having to look for a matching sock. Where do you suppose they all go?

While you're folding the towels, I'll do the scurrying. That way, you don't have to do any scurrying at all.

Thank goodness we're done. I'm exhausted!

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david said...

Jacob is such a helpful little fellow! And thoughtful, too - not wanting you to have to do any scurrying.


Anonymous said...

Aw! How cute. I used to have a hamster. It wasn't as cute as your's, but it was pretty cute. It didn't help with laundry either.

My friend and her son came over. The son decided to play with the hamster, and stuck it in his pocket. Soon, the hamster started chewing a hole through the pocket lining. The boy was surprised. Luckily, neither he or his mother were upset. The hamster wasn't too upset, either. :)

Funny thing about hamsters. Cats love to chase gerbils, but hamsters can get around them, even though they move slowly. Mine carried LOTS of cat food, at least 40 feet, and stashed it under the stove. When he finally decided it was time to be caught, he came up on the bed, while I was napping, and slapped me in the face with his little front paws.

Remembering good times. I sure enjoyed reading and seeing sweet Jacob.