Friday, March 30, 2007

A Little Bit of Paradise in Chicago O’Hare

Gates K2 and H3 are heaven. Heaven is here defined as “CNN-free.” Having endured 90 minutes of CNN at Washington Reagan, it’s paradise to be squeezed into a small space in a crowded waiting area, even if it is in front of a gate that doesn’t belong to my flight, just to be away from the incessant drumbeat of putrescence that is CNN. At Reagan, I sat through Wolf Blitzer’s crocodile tears over another serviceman killed in Iraq. No mention of the Seabees rebuilding school houses, no video of the dental or medical teams providing care across the countryside, no mention of projects like Spirit of America bringing new economic opportunities, no discussion of the economic boom in Kurdistan, just some mournful funeral dirges and ill-concealed gloating about how some poor fellow met his end. That was followed by the creepily androgynous Anderson Cooper holding forth on who knows what, his subject being obscured by the general cloud of eeriness that surrounds him.

I wonder if airport executives ever come by to see the difference. In this tiny oasis of sanity, the people are talking in normal tones and they appear much less stressed, despite the fact that tornadoes across Texas are wrecking everyone’s schedules. I’ll say it again. If you have to have video entertainment blasted at you in the airport, for the love of God, why not travel videos?

How about something like this?

Addendum: For whatever reason, the whole of the H concourse at O’Hare seems to be blessedly free of the scourge of CNN. There are a few spots infested by it, but for the most part the airport appears to be spared that video plague. We’ve changed gates three times and had the plane delayed similarly and as I’ve walked from one spot to another, Wolf Blitzer and his coven glare at me only occasionally.

Ahhhhhhh. I can handle the delays if they’re all like this.

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