Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unusual Natural Beauty

Today I have some photos of an unusually beautiful specimen from the natural world.

And the daisy's not bad, either!

Actually, the daisy is pretty rare. This is my daisy mom and she's decided to put out a twin flower. Click on any of these images for a larger view.

I've never seen one of these. The flowers are both almost perfectly formed, with the only flaw being right at the point of twinning.

I'll be collecting seeds from her again to grow still more daisies. Last weekend I brought in a load of compost for my barren front yard. This weekend I'll be rototilling it and I've got an area, perhaps several, set aside more beds of daisies, all of which will have come from this one. She and her daughters will take over the world!

Err, well, maybe not the world. Maybe just my flower beds.

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Jake Silver said...

It's been a while since I visited, but those are nice photos.