Friday, March 16, 2007

Proper Leaping Technique

Many cats these days are practicing unsafe leaping. This leads to injuries and embarrassment as they slam into ceilings and walls or overshoot the kitchen countertop and fall to the floor on the other side, dragging the toaster down on top of them. As a public service, our Maximum Leader will now demonstrate proper leaping technique.

First, check above you. Ceiling fans can be particularly dangerous, so be sure to look for whirling blades. A casual glance is not enough. Those spinning propellers can injure a cat.

Check to each side for objects moving towards you. You want to watch for toddlers and dogs in particular. If you're leaping onto a small area, such as a lap, any deflection in flight can have disastrous consequences.

Now quickly leap before the situation changes!

It's easy once you get the hang of it. Practice it a few times when the house is quiet. We recommend doing it at 2 AM. To improve your accuracy, try landing on noisy objects such as paper bags or hollow cardboard boxes. In the silence of the night, the sound will give you excellent feedback on your performance.

Happy leaping!

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