Sunday, March 25, 2007

Groovy or Churlish?

Lewis Green, writing over at Marketing Profs: Daily Fix, posts this YouTube video featuring Dennis Hopper.

It's your standard "I'm a rebel, man" fare from someone who made his money doing his best to be popular with as many people as possible. A rebel? Err, right.

In any case, I didn't think too much about the ad until I read all of the nauseating, self-congratulatory Boomer preening in the post and the subsequent comments.

This ain't my parents' generation, baby...We are the peace, love and flower children; the do-your-own-thing folks; the don't-trust-the-establishment group, even though we now are the establishment; the make-the-planet-safe for our children and other living things kids; and the rockers and rollers...
I thought about my parents who were born in the 1920s. I posted this semi-nasty comment.

Cool ad, great music, but perhaps a bit arrogant and churlish. My folks are very pre-boomer, but upon retirement from the Air Force, my father took up painting and now his work is hung in 6 different countries. My mother raises champion roses and regularly is asked to do artistic flower arrangements for the local museum of fine art.

They drive a Toyota MR2 2-seater sports car.

I'm not sure how much has changed. Maybe the ad works because it keeps telling the boomers what they tell themselves, that they really are special and different and trail blazers and all the rest of that.
What do you think? Was that over the top?

Memo to Marketing Profs: This is the second trackback I've tried to send you without success. That's not good.


Foxfier said...

Sounds accurate to me.

My fiance's mom drives a little red sports car-- she goes about five under the speed limit, uses her turn signals, and her hobby is making yarn art stuff. *Grin*

K T Cat said...

Foxfier, speaking of yarn, dig this.

Kelly the little black dog said...

LOL!!!! That ad struck me too as pompous and self-aggrandizing.