Monday, April 19, 2021

The C And The Filament Proclaim His Glory!

... where C is the speed of light.

Yesterday, sitting in church before Mass, I was supposed to be praying, but I never do. It's too hard and I'm too lazy. Instead, I look around with my mind wandering.

Thinking of a conversation here on the blog about life as an adventure story, I stared at the incandescent lights over the altar. Watching the lights mixed with the thought that God has created the setting, a basic plot structure and, as the heroes and heroines of our story, we get to choose our own path.

In Orthodoxy, Chesterton compares reality to the world of a fairy tale. Things don't have to be the way they are. Grass could have been blue instead of green. More to the point, He could have created a world where there weren't many fixed laws and instead there was fantastic, whimsical chaos.

Going back to the light bulb, isn't it cool that we live in a world with so many natural laws to discover and inventions to create? It's like there's a constant dialog like this:

The Big Dude: Yo, Edison! Check this out. Current going through a resistive wire can make it glow.

Thomas Edison: Whoa! That's cool! How does it work?

TBD: You go figure it out. I gave you a world that consistently responds to experimentation, so it's all waiting for you to find.

Edison: Awesome! To the lab, men! There are divine Easter eggs to discover all around us!

I'm currently reading Killian Healy's Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God and thoroughly enjoying it. It's an easy read with some nuggets of wisdom that I've heard before, but never absorbed until Killian rephrased them. One describes how to develop a delighted love for God through observing the natural world.

Like making time-lapse movies of tomatoes. Another divine Easter egg. Sweet!

Yesterday's photo. The plants have begun to fruit, so growth will stall out as they put their energy into providing us with delicious Roma tomatoes for wife kitteh's homemade sauce.

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