Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Dig this video from Take Charge Minnesota. Pure genius.

Mostly Nothing turned me on to them and when we comment-discussed their efforts to restore the black family in our culture, Tim asked the crucial question: How do they plan on doing it? Are they going to resort to finger-wagging?

Well, the answer is right there and it's brilliant. A cat with a history of prodigious finger-wagging, I would have wagged several fingers at the same time. Instead, they opted for a softer approach. I love that it's all good cheer and kindness. It doesn't tell you that you're a sinner, it just shows you a better way.

I liked them before, but I'm sold now. I feel like a refrigerator salesman who tries a new razor and loves it so much that he quits his job for Whirlpool to go join the razor company. Kendall Qualls, the chap who runs Take Charge Minnesota, is happy to work with others. I've started to hunt for connections and allies for them.

With my fulltime retirement hitch coming up in 9 days, I'll have the time to pull threads. This is going to be fun.

Special Bonus Tidbit

Wife kitteh saw the video and asked if we were supporting them. I said yes and told her how much we'd donated. She wanted us to give them more. 

Yep. It's like that.

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Ohioan@Heart said...

The juxtaposition between that and the ‘message’ spewed out by Malignant Maxine is quite something. Sad that her side seems to be winning.

K T Cat said...

We aren't called to win, we are only called to try.


Ilíon said...

Getting down on your knees when you ask a woman to marry you is setting yourself up to get divorced.

tim eisele said...

"ask a woman to marry you is setting yourself up to get divorced."

Well, sure. If you refuse to put in the slightest effort to persuade a woman you are worth marrying, then you'll never get married, and that's a perfect defense against getting divorced.

Ilíon said...

^ Way to lie, Tim. I knew you had it in you (and that's why I do my best to not even see any post you make) Good show!

One doesn't have to debase oneself in order to propose marriage. One doesn't have to present oneself as a needy/pathetic supplicant in order to propose marriage. One doesn't have to create a damned public spectacle (and passive-aggressively put her on the spot) in order to propose marriage.

And, most importantly, being never married is still far better than the years of misery (followed by divorce) which inevitably follow from being a moral weaking in the eyes of your woman.

tim eisele said...

So, Ilion, are you married? Based on things you've said, I would guess either "No" or "Not anymore".

Ilíon said...

^ Way to "reason" like a(n immature) woman.