Friday, April 02, 2021

A Time Custom-Made For Oliver Hardy

Ollie was the master of the slow burn and the reaction shot. Whenever I see things like this, I think of an Ollie exasperation bit.

CNN raised eyebrows on Tuesday by declaring "there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth" in a straight-news report on issues regarding transgender athletes playing women’s sports.

Emphasis mine.

Seriously, it's perfect. These days there so many occasions to use this. Truly, we're living through a time of madness.


One Brow said...

CNN has since change the piece to read: It's not possible to know a person's gender identity at birth, and for some people, the sex listed on their original birth certificate is a misleading way of describing the body they have.

Certainly, there is a consensus to assign 98% of babies sexes at birth.

Ilíon said...

The times are "mad" because all the "good" people would rather "stand up" against the "hate" of people like me -- who bluntly state the unpleasant truth that all leftists, of which 'One Brow' is one, are intellectually dishonest and that everything they say is said to advance one lie or another -- than they would like to stand against even the most obvious and blatant of the leftists' lies.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Ilíon, you're looking in the mirror again

Ilíon said...

Then it's a really weird mirror, since it's not showing my reflection, but that of you intellectually dishonest leftists.

K T Cat said...

I rather think the unbridgeable differences between men and women are pleasant truths.

As for the madness of the times, it seems to me to be an expression of perpetual childhood. It's the progs banging their spoons on their high chairs, screaming, "A WOMAN CAN BECOME A MAN, THEY CAN THEY CAN THEY CAN! I HATE YOU IF YOU DISAGREE!"

That's followed by deafening screaming which represents cancel culture.

Meanwhile, disturbed girls are being mutilated and poisoned in a hopeless effort to become men and that's described as compassion.

Ilíon said...

But, *how* did the kiddies become stuck in perpetual childhood? What or who is their enabler?

Bob said...

Liberals are perfectly described as 3 yr old violent brats. Nothing else need be said.