Thursday, April 15, 2021

Remodeling Vs. Moving

I don't know about where you are, but the real estate market in San Diego is crazed. I'd blogged before about our desire for a bigger lot and a house closer to future grandkittens, but that's all off now. Instead, we're going to remodel our 1970s-era house and somewhat modestly at that.

Like most houses of the time, it's broken up into small, dedicated rooms. There's a dining room we never use, a living room we never use and a family room where no more than 3 people at a time can comfortably watch Alabama drop 52 on Ohio State. The kitchen is adequate for parties up to 12 people, but beyond that, it's cramped. Cooking for 20 or more requires making some things a day in advance.

And so, we met with a designer and an architect, both with more than a touch of the Pampas about them. I've been through remodels and built a custom home. Wife kitteh has been through at least one remodel. We described what we wanted to the young Argentinian couple who had good ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. I smiled at my reaction to them. Part of me wondered if they were too young to be competent. Then I remembered that people my age wouldn't be doing that kind of work any more.

Soon, everyone will be too young to be competent to me. :-)

The other reaction I had was one of relaxation. I was ready to hire them after about an hour, but they didn't read the signals and the young lady kept talking. As Ohioan at Heart knows, you don't talk past the point of sale. Once the prospect has indicated a willingness to buy, all you can do is hurt yourself. But she chattered on in a charming way and I again wondered bemusedly at her youthfulness. It was cute.

I can predict the future of the project. They'll come back with a design or three, I'll go chalk them out in 1-1 scale on a blacktop basketball court nearby, wife kitteh and I will walk through it, there will be a quick and obvious choice and off we'll go. It's not that hard, really, once you know the tricks.

I brought this plan up to the kids and they were surprised. They had never heard of such a thing! They had 3D models and everything! Bah. 3D models indeed. Pull up a chair and let Uncle Tubby show you how to choose a floorplan, children.

Finally, I was relaxed because I realized an 80% solution would be fine. It doesn't need to be perfect. When you buy a house, you never get perfection, you get 80% at best and then you live. Your life isn't incomplete because the stove is here instead of there. You flow around your environment and adjust for it. It's all good.

People make fun of Bob Ross, but he's got the right idea. Searching for perfection is exhausting. That energy can be used for better things.


Ohioan@Heart said...

And it is called a brief for a reason!

Mind bogglingly I actually got to use both those yesterday, as I was asked to speak to the youngsters where we used to work.

K T Cat said...

They love you, you know.


Mostly Nothing said...

We also were considering moving, much due to my new job. A number of things have put that on the back burner.
And I'm looking around the house and am thinking of updates we need to do around here. The basement window all need replacement, the sliding glass door too. The kitchen cries for help. I have a vision of a 3 season porch.
Then there is the pathetic garage. Looking on zillow really gets me down that my MG has to go away in October and not come back until March. I really need a 4 car garage. Truly, that is just a minimum acceptable configuration.

K T Cat said...

A 4 car garage would be heaven!

Ohioan@Heart said...

“A 4 car garage would be heaven!”

For me a 4 car garage would turn into a roomy 2 car garage and a really nice workshop. Come to think of it, that would be heavenly.

Mostly Nothing said...

Exactly. I've run across many that are 2 separate single doors, with a double deep or more garage.
1/2 for the daily driver
1/4 for the MG (or other interesting car), mower, snowblower, other shed things
1/4 for the shop.

I envision having some sort of channels on the ceiling to allow me to slide heavy canvas (or something) curtains to partition off the shop, so that the heater for that area would be more effective, and to reduce sawdust etc from the rest of the garage.

Then in the MG area, perhaps a lift? Wouldn't that be nice?