Saturday, April 24, 2021

Stealing First-and-a-half Base

Alternate Title: You Can't Have A Police State Without Police

Ohioan and I had a conversation off the blog yesterday, discussing my delirious ranting of late about our culture going mad instead of being motivated by conspiracies. I tried to make my point a little more clear there, so I figured I'd do the same here.

It's not a conspiracy if it's never going to work. It's not an evil plot if the intermediate steps prevent the subsequent steps. 

As Manny Ramirez can tell you, you don't steal second base by starting your slide 40' from first.

No, Manny. Just no. Because physics.

If you make it impossible to maintain order in your city, the people charged with keeping order will give up and leave. Bringing in different people to do the impossible doesn't do the impossible. It's still impossible.

Also, good luck bringing in different people. Unlike our Ivy League Elites, the people who might work for them maintaining order actually know how real things are accomplished and can recognize an impossible task when they see one.

If your theory works great on paper, but every experiment in the lab fails, then it's not a practical theory. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is one like that. Building a conspiracy out of clearly unworkable theories isn't much of a conspiracy.

Updated Formulation: If your theory is based on assumptions that are false, it's also not a practical theory. Society falls apart without marriage. If only 25% of your kids are raised in married families, but your theory pretends that 100% are, it's probably an utterly impractical theory. CRT is like that. It's not going to produce anything we might recognize as a functional system. You might get to chaos, but you won't get to a police state.

Mostly because you won't have any police.


Ohioan@Heart said...

I agree with most of your thesis. Where I disagree is that to have a “police state”, you don’t need “police”. You need armed people who are willing to shoot, kill, menace, etc (see for example the Nazi Brown Shirts or the USSR’s KGB). I see that kind of willingness in BLM and ANTIFA. Now I may be wrong about that, but I would certainly not bet against it.

Sure the end state from what’s happening might not be exactly what the Progs were hoping for, but they’d have power, so they would not complain.

Ilíon said...

=="... but you won't get to a police state.

Mostly because you won't have any police.

A police state can find *plenty* of people to be the low-level enforcers; they are the same people who would be called "career criminals" in a sane/moral society.