Thursday, April 22, 2021

Right Wing Conspiracy Theories

 ... are all wrong because a conspiracy implies some kind of rational thought behind it. There is no rational thought. There is no plan. There is only madness. We are dealing with people who think they are receiving radio transmissions on their fillings from the planet Zongo. 

Two things tipped me off to this. The first was the Racial Justice crowd reacting to this.

In Columbus, Ohio, a cop was called because one black chick was attacking another black chick with a knife. The cop drew his gun and shot the knife-wielding attacker dead as her arm was in motion and she was about to gut the other black girl like a trout.

The following three reactions provide a representative sample. I'm not including White House spokeswomxn Psaki's reaction which was along the same lines.

Valerie Freaking Jarrett, heap big squaw in the Obama White House: "A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter."

The ACLU of Ohio: "The systems that allowed George Floyd to be murdered remain FULLY intact. Moments after we celebrated a win for police accountability in Minneapolis, news broke that @ColumbusPolice murdered a 15 year old Black girl. Her name was Ma'Khia Bryant. Say her name. #BlackLivesMatter"

LeBron James: 

This is the white cop who saved the black girl's life with quick thinking, steady nerves and a great shot. He's since been doxxed, of course.

This finally convinced me we're dealing with insanity.

There Are No Conspiracies

The primer for this conclusion was reading some right-wing thinker trying to come up with the progs' plan to govern their cities after the cops had bailed. It was all about national control. The cops would leave and then the National Guard or some such military force would come in, with the strings all pulled from DC. Yes! Yes, that's it! Of course! The Marxists all want complete control from DC! It's all so clear now!

It's immediately obvious that such a plan could never work. Picture the Guard moving in to Baltimore and dealing with shootings there. It would take all of fifteen seconds for the howling to begin. "Racism! Of the Systemic kind!" It's not the cops, it's any authority figures imposing rules at all. The progs aren't planning on centralizing power. Get that out of your head forever. There is no plan.

If you must see things in a logical sequence try this one.

  1. Remove the police
  2. hsdlhucahf akxdkpawd9 q jnn
  3. Utopia!

Men Need Tampons

We are dealing with people who sincerely believe that some men have periods and some men can be pregnant. If you disagree they begin screaming at you.

Stop. Full stop. That's what genuinely crazy people do. Genuinely crazy people do not have plans that you can comprehend. Trust me, I tried to do this. My previous wife became a psychotic. I spent over a year trying to get into her head and see the world as she did. If I really, really concentrated, I could do it for 10 minutes, max. After that, I'd lose the thread and be unable to get back into it for hours.

It's Not Working So Do More Of It

We've done the Black Lives Matter thing for almost a year now. The result is about 2,000 extra dead blacks. Sane people would see this and recalibrate their thoughts. Instead, Valerie Jarrett is now wailing about cops breaking up a knife fight where a black girl was about to die. She's using the Black Lives Matter hashtag to defend the murder of a black. Valerie's political views have driven her insane.

Power Is All That Matters

The only area where the progs' behavior makes sense is their quest for more and more power. They're not going to do anything with the power, they're just trying to amass it. The border has dissolved and we're being flooded with illegals. This is not to feed the employment rolls of MegaCorp with cheap labor as some right-wing thinkers say. It's not to save People of Color. It's simply to import votes so the progs win every election, everywhere, forever. There's no plan beyond that because there's no anything after that. All that's left is money printing to pay the bills of insanity.

Dear Podcasters

I listened to the Daily Wire's Backstage show yesterday. It's my favorite of theirs, where all their hosts get together and talk about the month's events. They are all well-read and logical. Each had their own theory of what is happening in America right now. Each one's theory had big flaws which the others pointed out.

The reason that each theory had flaws is that there is no theory. There is no plan, there is no philosophy, there is no conspiracy. This is simply a religious frenzy. Instead of throwing virgins into volcanoes, they're throwing cops into prison. Chauvin may or may not have deserved it, but the reactions above show that it's not about Chauvin and Floyd. 

It's systemic, alright. Systemic madness.

Special Bonus Gratuitous Data Point


tim eisele said...

On the one hand, you aren't wrong about the lack of rational thought among many of the loudest people who are going out and trying to get attention. Or, for that matter, among the people who are screaming back at them.

But, on the other hand, how many of them are there, really? Even that Ohio State video: Sure there are a lot of people there. Eyeballing it I would guess around 200 to 300. But the enrollment at OSU is 61,369. That's about 0.5% of the students that someone persuaded to come out and make a fuss. If you put out a call for students to dress as zombies and shamble around campus, you'd probably get several times that number, and it would still be a tiny minority.

We are in a situation where anyone who says something outrageous can get their 15 minutes of notoriety. And it doesn't take a very large fraction of the population to do this before it looks like the nation as a whole is losing its mind.

I keep getting reminded of this comic:

K T Cat said...

I agree that there aren't that many of them. However, you don't need many in order to blow apart society like they have in Minneapolis and Portland. All you need is just enough of them in just the right places. Since there's no plan to implement, it doesn't matter if there aren't enough of them to do something constructive after they seize power.

rachael said...

Imo this is a good take on what's happening at mid & lower power levels but the cold, practical, intelligent, logical oligarchs running the machines that drive the narrative aren't known for lack of planning.

K T Cat said...

Rachael, thanks for visiting and the comment. I still don't see the plan. I've heard others say that the tech giants are pulling the strings. Pulling the strings to where? Who is going to buy their goods when the cities burn down? MSFT is in the Seattle area and they can see where things are going, yet they still push them in that direction. It's not like moving things down the Racial Justice road will lead to more profits.

Ilíon said...

But there is a plan ... and that power will not remain unused.

=="It's immediately obvious that such a plan could never work. Picture the Guard moving in to Baltimore and dealing with shootings there. It would take all of fifteen seconds for the howling to begin. "Racism! Of the Systemic kind!""==

At with point the shriekers would themselves be "dealt with".

My mother explained the communist m.o. to me when I was still a small child --
1) use incompetent malcontents to create civil disorder, make people feel unsafe;
2) get the incompetent malcontents into positions of power;
3) use the incompetent malcontents to increase the civil disorder and unsafety;
4) seize power as the 'savior' from the incompetence of the incompetent malcontents;
5) liquidate the incompetent malcontents;
6) liquidate anyone else who opposes you in any way;

Ilíon said...

=="Who is going to buy their goods when the cities burn down?"==

Why do you imaging that the people in these corporations who are making these decisions care about that?

K T Cat said...

I'd agree with the idea that the malcontents would be dealt with in due time, but that only works when the malcontents aren't heavily armed. None of the old models of dictators rising to power work when there are more guns than people.

I'm still sticking with, "There is no plan."

K T Cat said...

There is no plan.

"In Philadelphia, police are having trouble finding new recruits to join the force, even as officials say the department is severely understaffed...

(T)he Philadelphia Police Department is already understaffed to the tune of hundreds of officers."

Good luck seizing dictatorial powers with only ANTIFA and BLM as your goons when the red rural areas all around you are armed to the teeth.

Ilíon said...

If you recall, back in the day, the Weather Underground -- Bill Ayers, a mentor to Obama -- guessed that they would have to "liquidate" a quarter of the US population.

If you recall, back in a previous day, the "White Russians" did put up a fierce resistance to the Bolsheviks in a years-long civil war.

Consider that the leftists are currently conducting purges of military personnel to remove the "extremists" ... that is, those who seem most unlikely to follow immoral or unconstitutional orders.

Consider that Fang Fang's bang bang has *already* floated the trial balloon -- and he has not been shot down for it -- of using the full military might of the federal government, including nukes, against "right wing" "extremists" who will not surrender their right of self-defense.

Ilíon said...

Leftists don't *care* how much wealth they destroy -- nor how many lives -- in pursuing the power of life-and-death over other people. The whole *point* is to have-and-exercise the power of life-and-death over other people.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, I agree with plenty of what you say, but none of that makes it a plan for me. I've done some corporate strategic planning and for a plan to be plannish, there has to be a practical path to get somewhere. I can't see the somewhere and I can't see the path.

This isn't a plan or a conspiracy, it's accelerated entropy.

Semi-related thought: This isn't even leading to Mogadishu. The chaps in Mogadishu are Moslems and all have intact families and blood-based clans. There aren't any families in the places where things are the worst. Mogadishuans are in better shape than the poor devils in the neighborhoods where the cops are leaving.

Ilíon said...

=="This isn't a plan or a conspiracy, it's accelerated entropy."==

But that *is* the goal for most of the public-face useful idiots, while for their puppet-masters, that's just a way-station.

Ilíon said...

The useful idiots don't need to be in on the planning committees, they don't need to be active or knowledgeable conspirators; all they need to know is their assigned part, which is to cause disruption and chaos, and to tear down *everything*.

tim eisele said...

I think KT is correct, here. If you look at the history of revolutions, most of them don't look planned in advance. They are mostly cases where things were already coming to pieces due to the mismanagement of the existing government. Then after the initial phase of the revolution where people who didn't really realize what they were doing get into power, the opportunists come in to push them aside and seize control. After all, Napoleon wasn't in on the planning phase of the French Revolution. And Lenin didn't take over until after other people had already pushed out the Tzar, and made an opening for him.

K T Cat said...

Tim, you make a really good point. I'm still sticking with my secession-because-exhausted-resignation theory, but it's also possible that you end up with something much more malignant. In either case, it's the practical ramifications of missing cops that matters, not the howls of the insane.

Foxfier said...

Are you familiar with "pro-spiracy"?

Basically, folks edit reality to match their theories.

Those theories are common, so a lot do them.

And they really hate when you go "uh, no, not cool for other teens to kick a teen girl in the head while a third teen girl tries to stab her."