Saturday, April 17, 2021

How Many Sequels Do We Need To See?

KT's Wild, Tinfoil Hat Theory of Secession: If it comes, secession will come for practical, functional reasons. At some point, it will become impossible to live anything like a normal life while attached to blue America.

Way back when, I remember watching a James Bond movie in the theater thinking, "The franchise has become a set of chase scenes glued together with an implausible plot. It's all about the chase scenes and nothing else." I'm sure you could say the same for the Fast and Furious franchise.

Daunte Wright got shot by accident in Minnesota after he resisted arrest. The political leaders blamed the cops and unsubtly implied they were racist. Racially-motivated riots ensued. Now we're sitting through another sequel. Last night, there were riots in DC and, of course, Portland, triggered by catalysts that are unclear to me.

If you took the time, you could calculate the expected value of the number of days between riots across the country. Blacks, most lacking intact families, commit a hugely disproportionate number of crimes. Cops have to respond. The Elites* cheerlead for a race war. When cops and suspects come in contact, sometimes the suspect resists arrest and gets killed. Riot!

I'm sure it's subject to a standard Mean Time Between Failures analysis.

We are doomed to experience more riots no matter what we do as individuals. In that chain, the cops have and will continue to respond by removing the "cops have to respond" link. That leads to more dangerous, wrecked cities for the rest of us. As long as we remain chained to Blue America, this will continue.

The cities aren't getting rebuilt. We may print money and hand it out to the victims of the riots, but there's a difference between holding colored pieces of paper and having a functional, urban shop. Best Buy becomes a burned-out husk which the Elites turn into digits in a corporate balance sheet with printed money. You can't shop at a balance sheet. In the end, Normals will have to choose between secession and living in chaos and ruin.

Powerline has done a good job tracking the most recent riots in Minnesota. Local sheriffs have been brought in to supplement the city cops. Blue politicians are telling them not to use force and the sheriffs are threatening to bail out, leaving the cops on their own. To me, it seems obvious that cops will continue to flee blue cities. Like an army that knows it is defeated, the soldier-cops will melt away, leaving blue America with no tools to maintain order.

Note that I'm not talking politics, I'm talking about the practical aspects of providing a livable society for the average dude and dudette. This is the logical next film in the franchise where the Elites don't understand how things work. Daunte's death and the subsequent riots were perfectly predictable. The Elites' response guarantees another.

That can't go on forever.

You could write this same blog post about the debt, the squandering of our human capital and the dissolution of our borders. All contribute to an unlivable society for Normals.

There won't be secession for political reasons, it will be a secession born of sheer resignation and exhaustion.

I know all of this is true. The aliens of Zontar-6 have been sending me brain waves, telling me about it.

Special Bonus Data Point From Last Night

Super Special Additional Bonus Data Point Submitted Without Comment

* - I've bought into Kurt Schlichter's separation of America into Elites and Normals. He's a wild-eyed firebrand, but I'm sympathetic to his themes.


tim eisele said...

"The political leaders blamed the cops "

I do have to wonder to what extent things like this are actually just a power struggle between the city governments and the police departments. It seems like the police tend to try and do their own thing with minimal regard to what anyone else wants, and the mayors and city managers resent that. And so they are likely to take opportunities to attack the police without necessarily thinking things through.

Ohioan@Heart said...


“ they are likely to ... without necessarily thinking things through.”

I would suggest that either applies to the blue politicians (in general), or they do think it through and are intentionally instigating these riots (or other polices that are guaranteed to restrict our freedoms - like packing the court, the ‘green new deal’, or CoViD passports = “papers, please”). Either way it is not good.

K T Cat said...

Tim, the first two minutes of this summarizes what I think it being played out in our cities.

I don't see it as a power struggle as the cops aren't asking for raises like a normal union-management conflict. The cops are realizing that they work in a dangerous occupation for people that hate them. That's like General Haig wanting mass casualties at the Somme.

K T Cat said...

Check out the bottom of the post. I added another data point.

Mostly Nothing said...

Ok, I'm surrounded now.

I went into St Paul Friday afternoon/evening. And I'm nervous about it.

In a few weeks, I have to go into Minneapolis.

K T Cat said...

So BLM keeps a man from getting into his own house and the cops put the guy in their squad car.

"Officers quickly intervened, detaining the man, putting him in the back of a squad car and moving his vehicle out of the way so the BLM march could continue."

That's an acknowledgment that they lack the forces to confront to rioters. It's easier to protect the intended victims by stuffing them in a temporary prison.

Secession for practical reasons.

Mostly Nothing said...

Just as an aside. Mn has enough problems dealing with the lunacy of our own politicians. In the future KT, keep your politicians out of here.

thank you.

Ohioan@Heart said...

MN - I’d apologize for Mad Maxine, but she’s not my (or KT’s) congressperson either.

But I can say I still consider her an embarrassment to all humanity. Not that my actual “representative” is anything to write home about either.