Sunday, January 19, 2020

You Can't Use A Tool You've Smashed

There's something really simple that I don't understand about the arguments against President Trump.

Almost all of them seem to spring from moral authority. He's a liar! He abuses his power! He's a sexistracisthomophobeislamophobetransplanetaryxenophobe!

How does that work if we've destroyed moral authority in the first place? I thought the whole point of the Left was "don't judge." Whether that's trannies in the library, women becoming men, homeless drug addicts or what-have-you, we're supposed to be open-minded and not judge. Morality, after all, is subjective.

If morality is subjective, how are we to judge the moral actions of Trump?

If you get past that hurdle, what happens when we apply the same moral yardsticks to the Left? In the past three years, we've seen that bigwigs in the Democratic Party and the media, but I repeat myself, are into infanticide, pedophilia, sexual assault, rape, sex slavery and more. And yet, I'm supposed to get all worked up when Trump tells a whopper about the size of a crowd or how awesome he is.

If a man can become a woman and citizens of any nation on the planet are entitled to my money for their healthcare, it seems to me like we've left consistency and logic far behind.

How then shall I apply consistency, logic and moral authority to Donald Trump?

If your foundational argument is that everything is subjective, you can't then apply objective standards to anything or anyone. Your criticism tool is broken.

That bad boy ain't gonna drill no more.

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