Tuesday, January 21, 2020

No Network

I spent some time this morning Googling and cataloging Catholic websites. I visited Word on Fire, Dynamic Catholic, Catholic Answers and stuff like that.

I had to find them by search because none of them link to each other. There's no network of teams all helping each other. Instead, they have schwag shops and ask for donations.

Let's see, who else sells stuff and doesn't link to similar sites? Oh, that's right - Costco, Target, WalMart and the rest of the big retailers. I think that's because they're competing and they don't want someone else muscling in on their business.

Tomorrow, I'll click around some American diocesan websites and see what I can find.

Catholics are like F-Troop. Disorganized and sloppy.

Addendum: On second thought, with the way the different Catholic sites aren't mentioning each other, this F-Troop clip is much more appropriate. And hilarious!


Foxfier said...


I found Catholic Answers via Jimmy Akin's blog; I found other related websites via the folks on CA having their stuff, and being elsewhere.

They all have copies of the stuff that is general use-- Catholic Encyclopedia, the Catechism-- on their sites, and their personal blogs go in all kinds of directions, but CA at least is supposed to be a one-stop shop for stuff that's supported.

I'm not familiar with WoF or DC; I do of course know TAC which links to a lot of places, because it's a blog.

I think there are a Catholic Answers Forums, though I have not been tempted into them.

There's a risk in endorsing other sites because while all the views may be licit, the may not be required and thus may not be compatible-- I can't both believe in X apparition and not believe in it, and thus stuff built on that assumption will have issues.


Out of the blue, please don't get mad at me thought-- why don't you make a list of good places to go?

On the "I am someone" principle.

Not trying to be an ass-- but one of the big strengths of the faith is the idea that if you see something that needs doing, you should do it.

K T Cat said...

Foxie, you are anticipating my new project! I have my first meeting scheduled for Friday. 😀

Ohioan@Heart said...

I hope you’ve carefully planned your project and have all your documents in order. We both know that only through rigorous Project Planning can a project succeed. ��

K T Cat said...

Ohioan, I have passed my tollgates and have a validated charter. I think I'm in good shape.

Foxfier said...


(Can you tell I've been in observation of the passive aggressive try to subvert the point by changing the subject folks?)