Friday, January 10, 2020

Will And Grace And Fantasy

Last night, following the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions and both suffering from the flu, we left the TV on and ended up watching an episode of Will and Grace.

If you're not familiar with the show, it follows the wacky exploits of two gay dudes, a nutty chick and a wealthy, drug-addled slut. Or something like that. Will is one of the gay dudes.

In this episode, Will was interacting with a woman willing to be a surrogate mother because he and his boyfriend, for some reason, were unable to conceive. He visited the woman in her apartment and discovered that she made money on the side doing online porn. It was about as hilarious as it sounds. The moral of the story was, "don't judge." Like you needed to be told.

I watched the show the way you would watch a spider draining its prey as the thing wriggled about in agony, but without all the good parts. It was like watching American culture's dumpster fire guttering out. It was so horrible that it took me a while to figure out what made the show so successful.

In short, Will and Grace creates it's own fantasy world. The victims of its world view don't exist or simply aren't shown. For instance, when the baby is born of the surrogate mom, who suckles it? I'm guessing it's handed over to the gay dudes who experience all manner of high jinks learning to bottle feed it. Ha ha! What boisterous fun!

The baby? What of it? The baby will be fine. It will be loved by the two morons and it doesn't need a mom. Who ever heard of babies needing moms? Don't be so reactionary.

How about the porn actress part? ED among young adults has jumped from under 1% to about 20%. That's the terminal end of the problem. Beyond that 20% are probably at least that many young men who have no interest in romance even if they don't have ED. How's that working out for young women?

Don't judge, you prude! You want to go back to the Handmaid's Tale and chain women to the stove in the kitchen!

In other words, the disastrous consequences of these attitudes simply don't exist in the make-believe world of Will and Grace. None of the things the swine on the show do are sinful because no one is suffering, at least not on camera.

Jesus died for our sins. No sins were committed. Ergo, Jesus died for nothing. It's all good.

When you invent your own world, you can make things whatever you want them to be.

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