Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Two Thoughts On Iran And Trump

I've got the flu today and spent most of the day sleeping. Blargh.

Two simple thoughts on why Trump is different from past administrations and why he drives the Ivy League Elites bonkers.

  1. He knows how to make use of raw power.
  2. He loves America.
Neither of those could be said of Obama. Only one could be said of Bush. Bush thought you used power to get people to do things they wouldn't naturally do. Hence, nation building. Trump uses power to get people in line and then leaves them to do whatever it is they want after they've been thoroughly defeated. 

Because he loves America and is much less concerned about other countries, he's able to wield the Big Stick with abandon and it works.

I'll admit I was afraid of how the Iran thing might escalate, but you have to give it to the guy, he won again.

And now I need to go lie down.

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Julie said...

My brother (military intelligence) pointed out to me fairly soon after Trump's election that he treats everything as a deal. So he goes in with all guns blazing and the big threats (we'll never trade with you again - Mexico/Canada, China). And they think, "He actually is crazy enough to do that." And then he starts to shade the comments. And eventually they're making the deal, but the way he wants it instead of the way they wanted it in the beginning.

So I watched the Iran thing, not thinking about this, but in the end I thought, "Oh my gosh, he did that deal thing again."

It's just how he rolls. I may never get used to it, but it is fascinating to see the permutations of the same strategy applied to so many things.