Monday, January 06, 2020

Herbivores And Guns

Do you think that deer know what guns are? I mean, like when Howard the Deer doesn't show up for the bucks' poker night, do you think that Dave, José and Maurice wonder if he's been shot or do they figure it's wolves again?

I went on to YouTube and watched a few videos where Japanese girls were asked about the decline of marriage in general and soushoku danshi, "herbivorous" men who aren't interested in real women in particular. It was like watching people facing the wrong way right before a truck ran them over. They had no clue whatsoever about the cause.

There was a lot of talk about how cool the whole not-having-kids phenomena was. Everyone was doing their own thing and that's good, you know? Everyone had freedom to choose and kids are so expensive and keep you from taking vacations. I mean, the inert guys are kind of a drag, we really want men who will take charge, but it's fine if the dudes go their own way. Whatever turns you on, man.

There was zero talk about porn.

Like guns for deer, porn is a threat for which we have no evolutionary response developed yet. The male brain is simply overwhelmed by it. It's a drug which is free and available everywhere. Women, not being men, don't have the slightest clue how lethal the stuff is. The figure quoted in the interviews over and over was that 60% of all eligible-age men in Japan are herbivores.

60%? That's more like belt-fed machine guns and deer.

Here in San Diego, there are weed dispensaries everywhere. Imagine the combination of weed and porn on the male population over a long period of time. It will be amazing if more than half of the guys in their teens right now will be able to work at Walmart in their 30s. Dig this from the link above.
Beyond sexuality, the herbivores seem strikingly like a generation of men suffering from hypofrontality, the neurological disease caused by porn addiction. It seems that their key problem is an inability to commit, whether to a career or a woman. Commitment requires abilities enabled by the prefrontal cortex, like self-mastery, correctly weighing risk and reward, and projecting oneself into the future. Becoming financially independent, visiting a foreign country, moving out of your parents’ apartment, going to parties, meeting new people, asking a girl out—what all these things have in common is that while young men generally want to do them, they can also be intimidating; and it is the executive function of the brain located in the prefrontal cortex that makes it possible to get over the hump of initial reluctance that comes from the lower parts of the brain.
Combine that with the loss of ambition that comes from regular bong rips and ... well ... duuuude.

Ladies! He's single, high and sated on porn. Go get him!


Foxfier said...

Japan is a terrible culture to use for figuring this stuff-- even when I agree with your conclusions.

Their standards for "acceptable" but nothing to brag about is...basically, think weaponized Lake Woebegone. EVERYONE must be above average.

Folks are trying to fix it, if you watch anime-- they've got a lot of stuff that is basically "how to people like Americans" for the kind of America that Hong Kong thinks we are, to mix metaphors.

The basic issue is that the cost of failure is too high. Heck, look at the reactions to the anime "Rising of the Shield Hero" -- I heard about it way before I saw it, took no note because I don't trust those hysterical twits, but when the big thing that freaked them out happened, I suddenly realized this was the show they were talking about...and wondered if they'd so much as seen a single episode, because it was a painful example of "sounds terrible but is good."

The "villain" is a sweet, nice guy who is hurt, and yeah if he describes what he does in negative terms it sounds terrible, but he's being a solid lawful good ignore detraction guy for almost the entire storyline while the "heroes" are glory seeking idiots.

tim eisele said...

I know this is kind of veering off topic, but I think that deer do know what guns are (at least to the extent that they recognize that "Bang = Death")

Every year, Sandy puts out a trail cam to watch the bucks that wander around out back. This year we had at least 5 coming around multiple times per day.

Then, the day before hunting season opened, they all vanished. I think they heard the occasional person sighting in their rifle.

Once the season started, it was a week before one finally came by so she could shoot one (he's in our freezer now).

And after the season was over, they came back out again. Deer might not be very bright, but they aren't complete idiots.